About Norheads Lane Surgery

Norheads Lane Surgery aims to provide high quality health care in a responsive, supportive, courteous manner. 

We aim:

  1. To provide the best possible quality service for our patients within a confidential and safe environment through effective collaboration and teamwork.
  2. To show our patients courtesy and respect at all times irrespective of ethnic origin, religious belief, personal attributes or the nature of the health problem.
  3. To involve our patients in decisions regarding their treatment.
  4. To promote good health and well being to our patients through education and information; also utilising electronic processes wherever possible to make care and information more accessible.
  5. To involve and collaborate in multidisciplinary team work including nursing and other allied healthcare professionals in the care of our patients.
  6. To encourage our patients to get involved in the practice through an annual survey and encouragement to comment on the care they receive.
  7. To ensure that all member of the team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently, and they have opportunities to discuss and learn from problems or issues that arise at any time.
  8. To provide safe, effective health primary care services in a responsive way; meeting the needs of our patients.
  9. To support continuity of care – wherever possible through personal continuity; but  also through medical record continuity enabled by high quality medical records; and following guidelines based on best evidence, national, and local policy.
  10. To be an active and responsible member in our local health community ensuring our practice and services to our patients are commissioned and provided in a way most likely to meet their needs.
  11. To ensure the practice is compliant with relevant legislation and policy relevant to maintaining trust and confidentiality, as well as to ensure we practice high quality medicine.
  12. To take into account the evidence provided by Medical research.